The climate
The climate in the coastal South-East region of Cyprus is typically mediterranean with long dry summers and mild winters.The average summer temperature is an enviable 30 degrees centigrade, and Cyprus has the warmest sea temperature in the Mediterranean, averaging 21?C (75?F).

Temperature Chart:

Average monthly temperatures are:-

Month:                         Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec  
Avg temperature (? C)    15   17     20     22     26     30     32    32     30     27     22     18    

Annual rainfall is also very low. Rain on the coastal areas is rare, especially in the summer months. The average annual rainfall averages only 500mm in the coastal areas, although the inland mountainous areas are wetter.

The average hours of sunshine per day ranges from around eleven and one-half hours during the summer months, and in the winter months there is an average of five and one-half hours per day. This compares to the London average of 1 hour in January and February, and the London maximum of 7 hours in June.

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